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Anime of origin

Hetalia: Axis Powers


Domestic dog (breed unknown, but possibly a Maltese)


Unknown (possibly immortal)



Ability to speak

is only known to speak on Christmas.

Hanatamago is from the anime Hetalia: Axis Powers , by Himaruya Hidekaz, about anthropomorphic countries. She is the pet dog of Sweden and Finland.


Hanatamago is a small white dog with floppy ears. She appears to be a maltese puppy, though her breed was never specified.

In the requests for the 2011 April Fools event, a fan asked how the Nordics would react if Hanatamago turned into a human. In the answering sketch , she was shown with light shoulder-length hair, and she still had her dog ears.


She has only spoken during the christmas events, but she appears to be sarcastic at times (When Finland commented on how unfair having a birthday near christmas because they are treated the same, Hana added "Right. Though I don't ACTUALLY know, because I'm a dog." showing she wished that someone in their house actually celabrated her birthday, and due to Finland's oblivious nature, this went unnoticed.) but also logical, yet is loyal and willing to go along with either of her owner's commands, even staying when fans were warning them about the up-coming "Blood-Bath" and "Dark shadow in the corner", just because Finland told her not to worry, and that they had to finish reading all the letters (though, she honestly was very uneasy about it all).


She has affectionately been nicknamed "Hana" and "Hana-chan".

Hana has an undoubtably odd name. Her name means "Flower Egg" (ハナ("hana")=flower, タマゴ("tamago")= egg). Before her name was settled, Finland discussed with Sweden about it. He showed his not-so-amazing naming skills, some off those being "Go For It! Bomber!(Tokko! Bakudanyarou!)" and "Sardine-Panic", not too mentoin quite a few more odd-ball names, So Hanatamago has Sweden to thank from being saved of a name that was too weird. Her official name was a compromise of one of his suggestions, "Bloody-Hanatamago (Chi-Mamire Hanatamago)".

She was able to talk in a Christmas special, and said that she wished she had a normal name like 'Charlotte' or 'Marianne'.



Sweden is one of Hanatamago's two owners. Despite Sweden being found intimadating by most other countries, Hana doesnt seem to show any fear of him. He shows to have much concern for her, saving her from having a name like "Cheese Castle" and building her her own dog house.


Finland is one of Hanatamago's two owners, and the one who found her wandering in his and Sweden's backyard. The two apear to spend a lot of time together, and Finland is often shown carrying her around or she is riding on his shoulder. But during the 2007 Christmas event when asked which of her owners she likes better, she seemed to avoid the question altogether.

Hanatamago also has a disliking of what Finland feeds her.


Hanatamago has been seen playing with Sealand. Hanatamago may also take a liking to England, as she is shown jumping exitedly towards him at the end of this same strip. Due to his latest character profile , however, it seems that Sealand being Sweden's adoptive son is probably a scrapped concept, so how often Hana and Sealand play together is unknown.


Main Article: Pochi (Hetalia: Axis Powers)

Pochi is Japan's hybrid Shiba dog. Despite the fact that Pochi shares a similar personality trait with his owner (not liking to be touched much), he has been shown licking Hanatamago while she sleeps. This suggests that they are in some kind of intimate relationship or they are, at the very least, close friends. 


*Some fans theorize that she may possibly represent the Åland Islands, which are geographically located between both Sweden and Finland (while Hanatamago happens to live with both as a pet). A line by Sweden that Hanatamago will likely eventually want her own "house" also fueled this speculation.


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