Anime of origin

Hetalia: Axis Powers


Hybrid Shiba-dog


Unknown (possibly immortal)

ability to speak


Pochi (or Pochi-kun) is from the anime Hetalia: Axis Powers by Himaruya Hidekaz, about anthropomorphic countries. He is the pet dog of Japan.

Appearance Edit

Pochi is a small, brown (sometimes coloured white) shiba-inu hybrid. Because of his pointy ears and wavy tail, he is sometimes mistaken for a cat.


Pochi has been shown to act like his owner, as seen in the "Netherlands and isolationist!Japan" strips, in a mini-strip titled "Pet Chat". In this strip, Netherland's pet bunny was talking to Pochi, and when the bunny licked Pochi, he got very flustered and uncomfortable about being touched, and told the rabbit to "take responsibility" because it was the first time he was ever licked.



Japan is Pochi-kun's owner. they are seen together often.


main article: Hanatamago (Hetalia: Axis Powers)

Hanatamago is Finland and Sweden's dog, and the two pups seem to know each other well. Pochi has even been seen tenderly licking Hana on the cheek, which is odd because Pochi doesn't like to be touched himself, so they are at least very close friends, if not in an intimate relationship.

Netherland's RabbitEdit

Netherland's rabbit licked Pochi on their first meeting, which made seemed Pochi considerably irritated. it is unknown how they have interacted past this.